Episode 73

242 | The Letter - Dear Podcast

Changes are coming to my world and The Inner Changemaker show. I wrote a letter detailing the few big changes coming down the pipeline. 

It's why in this NEW episode - I reveal the #1 thing that keeps most content creators and thought leaders back from their deserved success. Hint* - I fall victim to it too.  I also breakdown an important life skill that we are going to focus more of our energy on moving forward.  I didn't know how else to share all of this with you, thus I wrote.  Then I got on the mic and recorded it.  And you can listen to it here:  https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Sz1hI4Rah8NdHxAEZVnRl Happy Mother's Day celebration today.  My parents kept their relationship going through love letters.  A reminder that sometimes the MOST simple things can be powerful. And typically work ;) 

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