Episode 2

258 | Who Is Missing? Ft: Chris Thomson - Leaders Of Tomorrow Podcast

I am starting a NEW series on the podcast. One where it's not just solo episodes from me, or even interviews with the world's most brilliant minds...

The series will feature all of my own clients in our podcast agency (Podcast Your Brand) www.doneforyoupodcast.co/ where they have stood up to lead their audience and community with their voice and their podcast.

We are talking REAL examples with REAL leaders.

Chris Thomson runs an amazing eight-figure business being the head coach of his students and leaders at studentworks.ca/

He has coached and mentored hundreds of successful entrepreneurs (myself included) and continues to do so year after year through their flagship program "Student Works Management Program" where they train 18-21-year-olds to run highly profitable painting businesses in their local communities.

Listen to the episode so that you can tune in to how Chris addresses his community and makes a passionate call to action to all of his young leaders.

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