TICM 200 | The Fulfillment Project | Why Content Streams Are So Important

This year, I have been investing my time, money and energy in surrounding myself with next level changemakers. People that are making serious income as well as serious impact.

Sara Fennell is one of these individuals. 

She runs the podcast called "The Fulfillment Project" and I was recently featured on her show. 

It debuted as the #4 marketing show on iTunes and is still climbing the charts! 

She was kind enough to let me repurpose the interview here to share with you all. 

In this episode, we talk about the future of content marketing, my origin story in being a creator, and the story of my parents starting off in bankruptcy and what it taught me about business. 

If you enjoy this episode, so go over to apple.co/2JvuWaZ and show her some love. 

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