Our White Glove Agency (Max 8 Clients)

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Want To Be The Leading Authority? Imagine having ONLY to record your content, and our team does everything else.

A Complete White Glove Approach To Launching Your Top 100 Podcast And Putting A Voice Behind Your Brand And Business.

From professional editing for each episode to uploading, scheduling and launching on your behalf to even training your social media person to create endless assets for your brand, our team has got you covered.

Apply to see if you qualify here https://www.doneforyoupodcast.co/home You can see some of our recent work on the page as well.

We exclusively work with emerging thought leaders and business owners who wants to solidify themselves as a leading authority and celebrity within their marketing place. They value not only driving leads from their Top 100 show, but value creating a bigger impact with their audience.

Online Accelerators and Memberships

Podcast Your Brand™ Accelerator is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch and add a podcast as a marketing channel for your business in precise detail.

It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to which episodes to release when, and what to say in every email to land BIG-time influencers from your respective industry.

With Podcast Your Brand™ Accelerator, you get video training where I take you through all the steps of creating and sequencing your Podcast Launch. That means you also get my swipe files… including email copy, marketing training, sales psychology, and step-by-step instructions that even the most junior person on your team can implement.

But, it doesn’t stop there… You also get access to me through Q&A sessions as well. You get case studies, transcripts and even more — but it’s all easy to digest and simple to use.

In short, Podcast Your Brand™ is a method, a system and a proven FORMULA… that my students have applied very successfully over and over to add a podcast to their marketing plan and leverage it to sell more of their services. 

Changemaker Club™ is an exclusive community of emerging thought leaders and entrepreneurs that provides you with not only the FOUNDATION you need to grow and explode your brand, but the step-by-step frameworks to establish your authority and successfully lead your movement.


This not your typical 'membership community.

This is where you get direct access to Jay, his team, and his network of high profile changemakers from around the world. 

One-Off Consulting (Strategic Consulting As Needed)


THE MARKETING MOMENTUM CALL – 59mins to instant clarity and implementation plan

Caught in a snag? Have a question you need an immediate answer to? Working on something where a professional, impartial set of expert eyes could provide you with some much-needed insight? If you said yes to any of the above, then the Marketing Momentum™ Call is the perfect option for you.

During our 59-mins screen sharing consultation, we will deep-dive into your current personal brand, podcast launch plan and give you 1000% greater momentum in your life and business.