TICM 21 | Corey Sheikh | How To Ask Inner Questions

In this episode, we have Corey Sheikh with us; the Chief Visionary Officer for Ottawa Lifestyle Centre. 

Corey's lifestyle centre is for anyone looking for alignment in their life. Whether it is physical, mental, in their relationships, or spiritual, they have something for everyone. 

They are also on the verge of launching the Awaken Your Potential Movement 

In this episode, we talk about combining business and being spiritual, how can I start to be more spiritual and tons of resources to get started. 

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Personal transformation, in the grand scheme of things is more of a process of removal than addition
— Corey Sheikh

In this episode, you will learn : 

- How does one start asking the right questions internally?

- What are some basics to being spiritual? 

- How to set the right intentions for your body and your mind?

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