TICM 35 - Eric Zimmer On How To Create Successful Habits

Start small...because 15 minutes of something is better zero minutes of anything.
— Eric Zimmer

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For this week, we have fellow podcaster, Eric Zimmer from “The One You Feed” Rated one of the top podcast of 2014. 

The name of the podcast could sound a bit confusing, but let me reassure you, it has a cool origin story.

It is based off a Buddhist parable that you will hear me go through with him in the first few minutes. 

Eric first heard it in a recovery setting, and he shares with us his learning journey from then to the entrepreneur he is today.

He has since interviewed some of my heroes and prominent names that I reference all the time. Simon Sinek, Bob Proctor, Chris Guillebeau, Lewis Howes just to name a few.

Eric happens to own a meditation practice as well as coaches others in business so we do cover some diverse topics throughout this short episode.

In the episode, he shares stories and insights about how we can be more present, how to proactively solve our own issues and how we can change our habits.

This might be a short one, but it is filled with tons of actionable steps that you can use TODAY and you guys will hear that within the first few minutes.


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What you will learn 


- How to be more present in everyday life
- How to successfully incorporate habits
- The biggest lessons Eric learned interviewing successful entrepreneurs and influencers
- How to change your behavior
- and much much more! 


Important Links To Resources and People

- Choose Yourself - James Altucher
- Man Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankl
- Constructive Living - David K Reynolds
- David K Reynolds Episode
- BJ Fogg Behavior Change Article

- Connect with Eric - Podcast | Website




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