TICM 56 | Sol Orwell - How To Monetize Quality Content To Create A Seven Figure Business

Sol Orwell shares with us how he created some of the best content in the world and how he leveraged it to create his seven-figure business; Examine.com

Examine.com is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition.

Learn how Sol build up his business, and how he set it up so that he does not have to work at all.  

It involves hiring contractors at the right stage, but still keeping majoring stakes in the game. 

What You Will Learn From This Episode

- how people can create GREAT content and what they should do to start being a part of the right communities.

- how to monetize your content so that you can leverage it to build the business and brand you want. 

- Learn how Sol built his seven-figure business

- And much more! 

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PS. I have to apologize for the audio today, we had a lot of technical difficulties recording this and I was using a different piece of software so it made the editing virtually impossible.

Just ignore all the noise on my end and try to focus on of Sol’s great tactics and story :) 


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