TICM 63 | Jonathan Raymond, Founder of Refound, Former CEO of E-Myth | How to build superstar teams for solopreneurs and startups

Jonathan is the co-founder of Refound, a management and leadership coaching organization dedicated to helping managers and employees enact change from the inside and out and former CEO of EMyth (the company that brought us the wonderful books The EMyth and The EMyth Revisited). 

Honestly, if you have not heard of e-myth, where have you been?

It’s getting up there as one of those timeless classics in terms of business books.

Jonathan came on the show and shares with us his insights and how Refound works with CEOs and leaders in today’s business markets.

In the episode,  he talks to us about collaboration and finding the right business partners in business. 

At first glance, it seems like we are pitting employees against entrepreneurs, but I promise, its’ actually about culture and teamwork.

We do a deep dive on "culture" and what this means for us as entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs and how we can look to attract the right partners and superstar teammates.

I get it. You are thinking culture?? Seriously Jay…

It lacks the sexiness of seven-figure xyz or marketing strategy hack over here, but culture, specifically team culture and building teams is a topic I have grown to be fascinated by.

As I have matured in my business and as an entrepreneur building a team has never been more crucial and I get schooled in this episode, which is part of the reason why I love these conversations :) 


What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • How To Define the term "Culture" 
  • How To Find the right partners for your business idea / pre-revenue
  • How To Build Superstar teams
  • What is the e-myth framework and how it applies in today's world
  • What true "Accountability" is and how to delegate effectively
  • and much more! 

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We also mention his NEW and upcoming book, "Good Authority - How to become the leader your team is waiting for"

However, if you want to read the first couple chapters of the book, please visit goodauthoritybook.com to download your free chapters.




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