TICM 76 | Juvan Langford | How To Choose Your Empowered Self

Between losing his father to Leukemia and his mother’s battle with substance abuse, JuVan was legally adopted by age 4.


JuVan was raised in an environment filled with countless examples of what not to do. Fortunate enough to have had a cast of incredible mentors, JuVan received guidance and council on how not be involved and how to live above his circumstances. 


Today mentored by some of the most influential business and lifestyle entrepreneurs in the world, JuVan travels the globe speaking, coaching and facilitating workshops where he supports men and women who are committed to discovering their life’s purpose and living their legacy.

Live in curiosity and not in control. Live in possibility.
— Juvan Langford

What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • The 3 C's that drive and motivates Juvan
  • How we can be more present and go deeper with our thoughts and perspectives
  • An exercise designed for men to be more in tune with your body (38:30 - I have never heard this before...)
  • How to CHOOSE your empowered self
  • A surprise that Juvan has for people living in Vancouver and Toronto
  • and much more!! 

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