TICM 100 | A Message To All Changemakers


I genuinely can’t believe I'm recording episode 100! I'm your host Jay Wong and it's an absolute privilege for me that you're tuning in.

I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.

But I know something about you.

You have a gift and you know it.

You've been tapped on your shoulder by god, by a higher being, by aliens, by your intuition or by whatever you believe.

I know it. And you know it.

Look, this podcast was never about what you believe, what religion you belong to or where your faith lies.

This podcast has always been about creating an impact with your gift. Creating your life’s work and having the guts, the balls - man balls and woman balls - to simply GO FOR IT.

To live the life you deserve.

To create the legacy to honor your gift and your message.

I had no idea I'd be here recording this episode for you.

I've spent the last two weeks relistening to my podcast and some of my favorite episodes

I've heard that some podcast hosts have started to remix their podcasts so, in a single episode, they would essentially rip a bit here, and rip a bit there.

And then supplement in their message.

To be honest, I wrote an episode like that with four of my favorite podcasts from this year, and that was going to be my epic 100th episode.

But as I was putting on the final touches on it, something didn’t seem right.

It just felt forced and contrived.

And if you've been following my work for any amount of time, you know I'm not about that.

I'm all about living in the moment.

I'm all about tapping into your zone of genius and discovering how you can build a life around it.

So I simply put it aside, scrapped it and start anew.

I went with whatever NEW I had in mind and this started flowing out of me.

You see, sometimes in life, you follow and you do what others have done before because you simply don’t know how to do better.

Perhaps this was the way that you were raised or taught.

Over the last 16 months, I've learned a great amount through this podcast, and as a result, my life is completely different from where I first started.

If you wanted to see how I was feeling when I first started - on my parent's couch almost 2 years ago - then listen to episode 99.

It was the last one before this, and I was interviewed by the talented Chris Spurvey on the It’s Time To Sell Podcast.

I want to talk to you about the present.

About the now.

About this moment.

You see, I might not know who you are, but as I said earlier, I KNOW you have a gift.

You have genius trapped in you and it’s looking to get out.

You are beyond scared to let it out because it would mean change.

Whether good or bad, it would mean change no matter what.

And to be honest, most of us were never taught to deal with change in a healthy way.

We were never taught to be patient with ourselves and accept the change. The good and bad.

I still go through days and nights where I'm stressed beyond belief. I run multiple online courses LIVE and a mastermind of inner circle people, as well as managing the entire podcast and media channels.

I get scared too.

I have doubts too.

I lay awake from time to time, wondering, "What if this goes wrong? What if I can’t be the better human and find a way to 'make it'?"

But in those moments, I've trained myself to switch the lens of my situation.

Instead of looking at the alternatives and the unknown, I look at the facts.

I acknowledge that the path of any messenger is not a straight one.

I acknowledge that it takes the time to build something epic and great.

I accept that I'm human and I still don’t know everything.

And will likely not know much in the grand scheme of things.

I accept that I'm human and that I fear change as much any other person would.

I also accept the responsibility of my gifts.

I realize that if I don’t share my gifts with the world, no one will.

Because at the end of the day, they can only share theirs, and I can only share mine.

There are no duplicates for our genius.

It's so unique and so powerful if we just let go.

If we let go of our ego and fears, thoughts and doubts, and simply let it be, let it blossom the way a flower needs time to bloom.

Our genius is waiting for us to let go.

It’s craving to be let out into the world and play.

It’s craving to inspire others through your grit and skills.

I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.

But I know something about you.

You have a gift and you know it.

You've been tapped on your shoulder by god, by a higher being, by aliens or by your intuition.

I know it. And you know it.

You're a changemaker and that’s all I need to know about you.

I promise you that all of your support, comments, likes, email forwards and requests have not been ignored.

This might be episode 100, but I promise you it’s the beginning of something much greater.

I've been playing small, not attacking the movement and... been comfortable sitting where I am.

I will not play small anymore!

I will play to win. In this month, and the months after that.

One day, changemakers from around the world will unite and we'll be able to impact billions of people on this planet.

We'll be able to do it together and we'll be tapping into our gifts.

We'll use all of your genius to do it, and it'll be glorious.

You know it's funny. When I began writing this, I had no idea how it was going to end. The I realized, maybe that's the point.

It doesn't end.

What you do every day, the gift you share, the genius you tap into, never really "ends." One project simply sets up the next and the next.

It never ends, it changes and evolves into something newer, better. Just like we do.

All you can do is use your gifts and your genius every day, be patient and be ready to inspire the world when it’s your turn.


Are you hearing me?

This might have just started out as a podcast, but I promise you it won’t end here.

We are changemakers and the changemaker movement is coming.

This is Jay

Signing off on episode 100 and reminding you to always choose adventure in your life.

Live with passion, live your dream and live it now!




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