TICM 105 | Nicholas Kusmich | How To Be A Millionaire Without Setting Goals

Nicholas Kusmich is one of the world's top Facebook Ads Strategist behind some of the world's most game-changing entrepreneurs. With a client list that features the likes of Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Robin Sharma etc... it's no surprise to hear that he is responsible for some of the world's largest ROI's in the advertising industry. 

This past year, he has been able to share with the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Sean Stephenson, and other massive powerhouses in the personal transformation industry. 

This episode is NOT about Facebook advertising. It is the untold story of how Nicholas Kusmich became a millionaire without setting goals.

IF you want to deep-dive on Facebook ads, Nick runs quarterly intensives in beautiful San Diego and we even cover the origin behind that arm of his business. 


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • How Nicholas Kusmich not only survived but thrived under his battle with Murphy's Law for almost a decade

  • Why goals are essentially useless and what to do instead

  • How to become a millionaire by paying attention to your intuition and staying curious

  • How you can take your Facebook Ads to the next level 

  • and so much more!! 

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