TICM 129 | Shannon Graham | The Future Of Leadership

Recognized across the globe as a premier motivational speaker and leader in the self-help and coaching industry, Shannon Graham has developed a number of transformative coaching programs to tackle the hurdles of life and business.

Most people think that leadership is synonymous with having a following. But it’s not the real core definition of leadership. A real leader is someone who creates other leaders.
— Shannon Graham

Some of Shannon Graham’s more recent innovations include “The Ultimate Lifestyle Intensive”: a highly popular weekend mentor coaching program that helps developing coaches skyrocket their personal and professional success, and “Legacy”: Shannon’s intensive one-on-one program for visionary entrepreneurs which combines one-on-one coaching with a powerful mastermind.


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • Discover what it really means to be a leader
  • How Shannon went from homelessness to being one of most sought after coach
  • How to be overflowing rather than giving from an empty cup
  • The distinction between you are a gift and you have a gift 
  • and so much more!! 

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Shannon Graham | Legacy Program

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