TICM 132 | Dan Martell | Why You Need To Create Content Using The "Power Of One"

Dan Martell is an award-winning Canadian serial entrepreneur and the founder of a number of successful start-ups. He is the guy who raised more than $2M for his startups – Clarity and Flowtown – then grew and successfully exited both. He is also an investor in 30+ startups you’ve definitely heard of and more than likely used, from Unbounce to Udemy to Intercom.

Before the interview even started, Dan told me he is on a mission to impact over 10,000,000 at risk youth in his lifetime and he is well on his way. 

With an inspiring story of his own, he shares weekly content on his YouTube channel as well as preparing to travel the world with his family.  

Literally BE YOU. The most unique, amazing and incredible thing you can do with your life, is let you be you shine. Period.
— Dan Martell


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • Why Dan despises start-up accelerator?  
  • How Dan went from high-speed car crashes to selling multiple companies before 32 
  • Why you always need to create and publish and how that will help you overcome fear 
  • Discover his motto of JFDI (and what it actually means)
  • How it feels to sell multiple companies (it’s not what you think)
  • When creating content, how important the "power of one" is 
  • and so much more! 

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Dan Martell | Dan's YouTube Channel

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