TICM 153 | Anil Gupta | The Pursuit of Fulfillment and Happiness

My guest today, Anil Gupta, is an expert on the topic of happiness. He has a gift for identifying pain points and is a world-renowned speaker that has traveled the globe to share his views.

He’s worked with the likes of Richard Brunson, Tony Robbins, and many more! He is also the author of #1 best-selling book Immediate Happiness.

You can find him at his website www.immediatehappiness.com. He has upcoming coaching events, videos, and much more to start your path to happiness.

Adversity is your friend. It’s not what happens in life, it’s who you become. In that moment you decide ‘I’m bigger than this’ that’s when you start to grow.
— Anil Gupta

[03:03] Life Before Immediate Happiness

Anil Gupta shares with us a profound experience that he went through in November 2008. Anil lost everything he invested in the stock market and housing market. This brought him to the brink of suicide until friends and family, including Tony Robbins, held an intervention. The intervention brought him clarity. It also helped him realize, "Adversity is your friend. It’s not what happens in life, it's who you become. In that moment you decide 'I'm bigger than this' that's when you start to grow."

Anil tells us to find out what we love to do and put our energy into that. You don’t need to tie yourself down to something you don’t like. That’s one of the things that inspired Anil to do what he does today. He appreciates the flexibility of not being stuck in a 9-5 job or being tied to his office. "What people really find difficult is a loss of freedom" he explains. People find a loss of freedom as difficult which beings to turn them around in the opposite direction.

Your roadmap to happiness should start with awareness. Through awareness, you'll find clarity. "That's what a lot of people are missing," Anil stresses, "that clarity brings you focus, focus brings you action, action brings you results, and the results give you momentum which leads to fulfillment, joy and bliss. But it all starts from awareness."

[05:40] Being aware of being aware

Anil advocates awareness. Not just self-awareness but overall awareness. There’s a big difference between the two. Self-awareness is internal where awareness is about everything and is the master discipline.

Put systems in place where you can remind yourself to be aware. It can be as simple as a sticky note or a phone notification but you need to be aware. Once you have put a system in place you start to realize that you’re aware of being aware. We are all so overrun by habits and routines that we’re not aware of our surroundings.

[8:03] Grow, Give, Gratitude

Are you on the search for happiness? The 3 G’s will put you on the path towards fulfillment and self-awareness; Grow, give and gratitude. Anil tells us that if we give our time, energy, love, and commitment for nothing, in return we will find fulfillment in ourselves.

During his experience with emotional and financial woes, he gave things away. He offered coaching sessions, compliments, good energy, and opened doors for people. All actions that, to some, may seem little. However, as Anil has said, they are proven to make a more impactful result on our lives. The more you give without expecting anything in return the more feeling of happiness gradually increase. You will feel more fulfilled which lends to personal growth.

Anil doesn’t focus on the thought or opinions of the people around him. He tells us to focus on ourselves and our personal fulfillment. It doesn’t take money or any pain or suffering. The “little things”, like giving people compliments or helping a neighbor, will impact on your life.

Being grateful for what you have is also very important. Don’t focus on what you don’t have,  focus on what is in front of you. Anil refers to it as a muscle that you need to strengthen. Continued practice makes it become stronger and with more strength comes easier resistance.

[12:49] Remind Yourself

Following the 3 G’s can be difficult to remember to do when you’re in the thick of your work or relationships. There’s a variety of different ways you can remind yourself to do these. You could set a reminder in your phone, have a rope with a knot in it, or even a sticky note that will remind you to follow the 3 G’s.

Anil tells us that we should remind ourselves every hour of the 3 G’s. Start by thinking of how you can grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Then think of the people in your life that you’re most grateful for and what you’ve gave lately. Determine which one of these G’s is the weakest at that moment and place your focus on that. If you work on your weaknesses everything else will rise and it will keep you energized, alert, and aware.

[15:40] Immediate Happiness

Anil’s new book Immediate Happiness takes an in-depth look at the 3 G’s and how you can start your path towards fulfillment. Anil talked to us about the cover of the book featuring his family and how that wasn’t accepted at first.

When he was first designing the book, Anil was told that he shouldn’t have a picture of his family as the cover of the book. Anil is all about love, family, and relationships. It's why he decided to ignore the advice he received. Though it's considered unorthodox for a family photo to be on a book cover, Anil kept it as is.

A lot of people struggle with finding happiness in their lives. That’s the big problem Anil identifies as we should be trying to find fulfillment. Happiness is external where fulfillment is internal. This gives us internal motivation to grow and be grateful. It stems from having awareness. The more consistent you are with it the more you’ll start to feel the change in your life.

[18:00] How to Surround Yourself with Influential People

Anil has been with the likes of Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and many more! He provides advice on how to keep yourself surrounded by successful and influential people.

First, you have to show up. It’s not just showing up to one event, you have to show up at may events. How you show up is important too, whether you’re serving or taking. Anil considers himself a server. He always asks how he can help them, their children, their family. Who wouldn’t be interested in that? Anil tells us the key is to give and expect nothing back in return. It’s not a numbers game but if you consistently put it out there it will resonate with enough people.

There is a quote which Anil follows from Steve Martin “Be so great that you cannot be ignored. If you are ignored, it doesn’t matter.” If more and more people followed that idea they would see immense results in their life.

[19:58] Giving Too Much

Many coaches and consultants they hear the idea of giving as a form of value. People who find themselves not getting a lot are the people who aren’t giving. On the flip side, a lot of people feel they are in an arrangement where they are giving it too much.  Is there a balance between give and asking?

Anil tells us if you truly give, there is never a situation where you should feel you’re giving too much. If you’re in this situation where you feel you are giving too much, then your expectation was to receive something in return. In order to truly give, you need to do so without an expectation of anything in return.

Ask yourselves, why are you giving?

[22:10] Happiness Score

Can you measure happiness? Of course, you can! You just need a metric,

On Anil’s website www.immediatehappiness.com you can take the 25 question happiness quiz. This will score your answers and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your life and what you need to work on.

[23:00] Legacy

Anil shares with us his thoughts on his work and how it relates to his legacy. What Anil asks himself is, “What do I want written on my tombstone?” Is it that he made a difference? But what type of difference?

He has a goal of reaching 1 billion people by December 1st 2020 and continues to strive for this goal through many platforms. Most people don’t realize that they don’t need to be in pain. They need to understand how to be aligned with themselves, know themselves, and be true to themselves.

[25:02] Seeing Anil in Person

Anil explains you don’t need to have an issue with yourself to reach out. The most important thing is that you want to progress and change your life. If you want to be at that higher level, impact more lives. Anil is having a group coaching event upcoming on September 30th and October 1st in Orlando.

The best way to contact Anil is on his website at www.immediatehappiness.com. The website contains details on how to find your happiness score, event info, and more. Plus there are videos that showcase how Anil can help you.

Do you want to find happiness?

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