TICM 017 - Adam Paulin on How To Overcome Crowdfunding Failure

Adam Paulin @ThinIceWL is the CEO of Thin Ice : the very first Weight loss clothing line. Their products (insoles and ice vest) can help people lose up to 500 to 1000 calories in a day simply by wearing their clothes. 

Their products incorporate the use of cold thermogenesis to help its users shed weight easily and is backed up by science. 

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They failed to launch their crowdfunding campaign earlier this summer, but was able to bounce back to currently have raised over $400,000 through over 2,300 packers. 

They are a perfect example of being changemakers. Looking to not only make an impact in the world, but changing the weight loss industry in the process! 

Enjoy this episode! 

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The most efficient way to be a changemaker is to live in line with your purpose
— Adam Purlin

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- How did they bounce back from the failed campaign? (04:37)
- Motivation for launching? (06:40) 
- How Thin Ice actually works (08:12) 
- The Future of wearable tech (11:06) 
- The Difference between failed and successful crowdfunding campaigns (13:17)
- Tips for first-time crowd-funders (17:49)
- Thin Ice making a difference past just the business (21:42)
- Adam's Dragon Den experience (23:00) 
- Adam's Definition of a change-maker (25:12) 

Important Links Mentioned

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- Dragon's Den