226 | Ajit Nawalkha | How To Choose The Life You Want

How are you living your life now? Are you looking for ways to combine your passion with your purpose?

You are in for a treat today. Jay sat down and chatted with Ajit Nawalkha, serial entrepreneur, global educator, consultant. He is also an author of the books The Book Of Coaching and Live Big. Ajit is a big believer in not setting year-long goals; if you listen at the very end, you will find out why.

They even go through the big mistakes; coaches nowadays commit costing them money and burnt out in their business. If you are a life coach, make sure you listen now because Ajit singled out the most significant cost that’s draining your energy, and money.

If you are someone who needs clarity on where to take your business, this episode is more than worthy of your time.

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The Book Of Coaching and Live Big

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