239 | The Alter Ego Effect – Todd Herman Podcast Interview On Reinventing Your Life

Ready to become wildly successful in every aspect of your life?

In my Todd Herman podcast interview, Todd and I discuss his book, The Alter Ego Effect. He talks about reinventing your life and your character by tapping into your inner superhero.

Todd Herman is a high-performance coach for successful CEOs, entertainers, and athletes. He’s found a common denominator in people who achieve great things – they often adopt alter egos to become the people they want to be.

My new Todd Herman podcast is a follow-up to an interview I did with him two years ago:



We’re back to celebrate his book, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life.

It’s all about reinventing your life by emulating your heroes and becoming a hero in your own right. As children, our creative imagination allows us to try on different personas as superheroes and storybook characters.

Why don’t we carry that creative imagination into adulthood? Continue to develop different parts of your personality to excel in every role you play. Reinventing your life calls for an intentional approach. You transform yourself and your performance by adopting qualities that will help you succeed. If you look up to someone, create a similar alter ego and take it on for yourself.

Concerned that using alter egos seems inauthentic? You’re only being fake if your aim is to deceive. Each of us is made up of many selves. Tapping into your own hidden identities is just gathering tools to help you perform at your highest potential. Thanks for watching my Todd Herman podcast interview! You can download a free chapter of The Alter Ego Effect here: https://toddherman.me/


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