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In my time of advising and launching shows for thought leaders and entrepreneurs, I've gotten to work with some amazing business leaders. I have also gotten an immense background and knowledge from interviewing millionaires and billionaires on the topic of “choosing and creating a legacy” over the last few years of creating content. 

And while I’m very much “in the process” in designing my life and business...

I have found that sharing openly about my thoughts, breakthroughs, and lessons thus far, has not only helped listeners of The Inner Changemaker Show but also those who are looking to build their business, legacy and become the best version of themselves in the process. 

I have discovered some lessons along the way. 

Here are 30 of them down below. 

It’s not to say I am right. Or that I know better. 

Some you may resonate with...

Or you may not.

I am always INTERESTED in discussion though. So if any of them do resonate with you, or you have better language on any of the point, please either leave a comment below or you can personally leave a voice note here:

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30 Lessons At 30 (Written)

  1. There is nothing more powerful than knowing you are CHOOSING the people and things in your life.
    There is also nothing scarier. If that’s the case, do it scared.

  2. “Being Perfect” doesn't work most of the time. Imperfect works better.
    This goes for launching new products, new episodes, new projects - move fast, improve, get feedback and move forward.

  3. Get very clear at your gifts. Do more of these all day every day. Your life, business, your relationship, your network will grow exponentially the more you operate within your gifts. 

    See more - TICM 176 | Julia Waller | Discovering Unique Ability®

  4. Start acknowledging people and activities that don't give you joy or energy. Cut them out.

    Marie Kondo your life in terms of material possessions. Own things and do things that bring you joy

  5. Go until failure more often (in workouts, in your day-to-day, in how you operate) - squeeze every day dry and go all out.

  6. Stop chasing destinations and results. Start loving the process and make a practice acknowledging your journey.

  7. Keep the beach at the beach. Keep work in your office. (Still working on this)

  8. Over-communicate. People cannot read your mind. Never assume they can. 

  9. Telling the truth is the only way. This goes for yourself, your clients and the most important people around you. 

  10. Learn languages or new skills. Pick up 1 or 2 activities you like and get good at them. Not to become an expert, but to train your mind and always be a student.

  11. Get used to being uncomfortable.

    The “negative voice”, fear, anxiety will continue to be with you as you get more successful and wealthy.

    You have to learn how to dance with what makes you human. Growing anything is typically uncomfortable. (Ex: baby, business, muscles, etc..) 

  12. Discover how you work through pain and overwhelm (physically and mentally) and know when to past your limits and when your body needs rest. 

  13. Try new foods and experiences when you get. Life is about different reference points and seeing problems from various vantage points. 

  14. Read non-fiction books for enjoyment the first round and read for implementation of the idea in the second round. 

  15. Don't assume everyone's way of doing something is the only way. 

  16. Challenge your own beliefs and thinking constantly. You are an evolving being and an evolving leader.

  17. Get good sleep for you and your body. On the same note, drink more water than you think you need. 

    See more: TICM 152 | Alex Charfen | We Are Evolutionary Hunters

  18. Look at your identity and the actions that follow. Who are you choosing to be on the daily? (Ex: the extravert, the introvert, the fitness person, the party-goer, the leader etc..)

    Who are you really? 

    See more: TICM 194 | Shannon Graham | How Great Leaders Think

    Read: Expand: Leadership that moves, fulfills and changes the world.

  19. Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn't.

    This has worked wonderfully in my business and so many other business owners as well. 

  20. Intentionally put things in your life to trigger certain states of mind. Wealth triggers. 

    See more: TICM 124 | Dan Lok | Using Wealth Triggers To Become A Multi-Millionaire

  21. Remind yourself of who and why you do what you do (daily) - Make this part of your morning routine and prime yourself for the day.

    On the same note, practice gratitude (daily) - As in FEEL the abundance of your life today. Sit in that. 

  22. Get real results for clients is one of the best forms of marketing. Focus less on vanity metrics and focus more on serving.

    My team and I ONLY focus on results and experience when it comes to launching/growing podcast to amplify brands.

  23. Learn to listen. You might just learn something new.

    On the same note, get real good at asking questions. People will tell you the truth if they know you listen and actually care. 

  24. Listen to your gut more. It has a weird way of knowing before you do.

  25. Never take advice (especially from the internet and others) as blanket advice. Take what you need.

    Leave what doesn’t serve you. Be open-minded to new perspectives.

  26. Let go, have fun, be more playful and go crazy more often. 

    See more: TICM 102 | Preston Smiles | How To Use Play and Love To Live An EPIC Life

    See more: TICM 103 | Alexi Panos | How To Live In Alignment With Your Soul

  27. Never just create content to create content. Create context.

    Document and create a context for your audience instead.

  28. Go for your dreams courageously and be ruthless

    In pursuit of them, you will discover so much about yourself and others that the journey will be unforgettable. Have the courage to see it through! 

  29. You are probably not as good as what everyone says. You are also not as bad as you think either. 

    Keep your ego in check and focus on being the best “YOU” you can.

  30. Give thanks to your mentors, coaches, people in your life and especially YOURSELF MORE often. I bet you are a bit like me...where you love praise, but never give it to yourself enough.

    Acknowledging that they helped you on your journey is an amazing way to build on top of your relationship and let them know that you are a massive action taker. 

Which one was your favourite?
What advice do you have to share with a 30-year old?

Love to hear it in the comments or you can make a voice note about it here :)

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