TICM 188 | Fabio Viviani | The True Cost Of Success

TICM 188 | Fabio Viviani | The True Cost Of Success

Originally from Florence, Italy, my guest today has come from humble beginnings to create a media empire from his love and passion for serving amazing food to people all around the world.

Perhaps best known for his multiple appearances in Top Chef where he won the fan favorite award, he is quickly becoming a household name in cooking and the cuisine world with his best selling cookbooks Fabio's 30-Minute Italian and his YouTube show “Fabio’s Kitchen

He is in the Chef Hall of Fame has done over 300 keynotes around the world as well as: 

  • Owns 15  restaurants with multiple locations, opening 7 more in 2018

  • Invented the first HD food-porn emoji keyboard,

  • And now becoming a force to reckon with in the tech world as an investor as well as an entrepreneur behind Dopple 

Learn more at http://www.fabioviviani.com/

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