208 | Want to market your BRAND through VOICE in 2018? Do this!

208 | Want to market your BRAND through VOICE in 2018? Do this!

Earlier this week, a previous student asked me to come onto his LIVE radio show... 

We had so much trouble "connecting" LIVE that by the time we did, it was too late for the interview. 

In any case, we had previously decided to spend the hour in the following way: 

First 30 mins - interview for his show 
Last 30 mins - catch-up and share what's currently working with each other

Since we were short on time, we jumped directly into the latter part. 

What came after was pretty shocking...

You see, Edwin Frondozo (my student and host of the Business and Leadership podcast) had recently partnered up with a NEW platform. 

He is one of their "early beta-testers"
and he wanted to prove to me that it worked...

So we pressed record on the call

...thinking we would never show this to anyone... 

Because of what we discussed on the call...things such as: 

- secrets of the NEW platform that he was using 
- the truth behind conducting interviews in 2018/2019  
- the exact blueprint to grow any coaching or consulting business
- how to properly monetize and partner with EACH guest
- and so much more

This is going to be up for a limited time

In fact, he messaged the CEO of the platform asking if it was OK to share this...

We haven't heard back yet...

BUT I figured...

Even if it's ONLY the next 24 hours, it would be worth the risk to you :) 

Let me know your thoughts here: http://www.thejaywong.com/social 

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