TICM 173 | Jay Papasan | How To Focus On The One Thing

TICM 173 | Jay Papasan |  How To Focus On The One Thing

What if there was a way to 10x your productivity by letting go of everything except THIS one thing?

This is the interview where we deep dive into "The One Thing" and show changemakers how to eliminate inefficiency within their lives once and for all. 

My guest is no other than Jay Papasan; co-author of the International bestseller "The One Thing" 

Jay Papasan is a bestselling author who serves as Vice President and Executive Editor at Keller Williams Realty International, the fastest growing real estate company in North America. Jay has co-authored a series of books that have found their way to numerous bestselling lists, including those found on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has sold over half a million copies worldwide and garnered more than 250 appearances on national bestseller lists, including #1 on the Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list. 


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