TICM 07 | Stuart Knight | How To Have More Powerful Conversations

In this week’s episode, we have serial entrepreneur and acclaimed author; Stuart Knight.

Stuart has build his entire brand on having powerful and authentic conversations and that is what we have today. Stuart breaks down the framework to achieve anything in life, whether it is in business, entrepreneurship, or even relationships.

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This is one of my favourite episodes, not only because of the banter, but the actionable steps he goes through for each process, success in business, success in relationships, and success in life.

This episode is packed with nuggets of awesomness and Stuart is the standard for being a change maker! 

Don’t ever let the story of your mind stop you from having the story of your heart

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Update (07/23/15)*** Released a mini-episode (5 mins) "Lessons From The Sessions" with Stuart Knight where I walk you through exactly his framework of reverse engineering success in your life. Whether it is in business or in relationships, there is something to be learnt in this mini-episode. 

Nuggets of awesomeness aka Show Notes

- Human Conversation Epidemic? (3:35)
- How to have more powerful conversation framework (8:17)
- Stop having boring conversations, start using these questions (10:03)
- Stuart’s 20 year journey as a speaker, entrepreneur, producer in 3 mins (18:34)
- 1 Trick to overcome fear for doing anything (23:43)
- 1 piece of life changing advice (28:33)
- Stuart’s How to date anyone framework (32:58)
- Stuart’s roadmap to success (35:00)

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Question of the day : For you, what were the most valuable take-aways from this episode? Please let me know in the comments section below. 


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