TICM 31 - Chris Thomson on How To Be Referable And Achieve Anything

This week, we have an awesome entrepreneur, and one of my first mentors, Chris Thompson. Chris Thompson is the CEO of Student Works Painting .

They recruit, train and support 150 student business owners to paint over 6,000 homes every summer.  

He was the tenth student that ran a business with Student Works in 1984 and excelled to the point that he bought the company outright in 1993

In the episode, he shares his stories throughout the years of working with young students and first-time entrepreneurs. Their mistakes and what makes some of them succeed over the rest of their class. 

He says running his program is like running a private school for super charged students.

Their mantra is that “Excellence is a habit” and he even goes through the 4 refer-ability habits which anyone, and I mean anyone, can take note of and apply in their lives. 

Chris is one of the coolest entrepreneurs that I have had the opportunity to learn from and I am glad we recorded this to give everyone some actionable steps to achieve greatness in your life.

This episode is packed with goodies as it covers all sorts of topics surrounding lifestyle design, success, mindset and entrepreneurship. 

Willingness means that I will do whatever it takes
— Chris Thomson

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What you will learn 

- Top mistakes made by first-time entrepreneurs
- The 4 Refer-ability habits
- How Chris ended up buying the business of Student Works
- What does the top 1% do differently than the rest
- What it takes to make it
- Great additional resources
- And much more! 

Important Links To Resources and People

- Student Works Painting
- Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future 
- Abundance - Peter Diamandis
- Strategic Coach
- Dan Sullivan
- The Rational Optimist - Matt Ridley




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