TICM 41 - Scott Oldford On How To Develop Your Unfair Advantage

Do you want an unfair advantage in life? 

In doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are a student, a doctor, or a businessman, I imagine that we all want an unfair advantage in life. 

We are featuring Scott Oldford this week from Infinitus.

He specializes in helping entrepreneurs that are at the six figure level go to the next level in their business through, online marketing, strategy and building out marketing funnels.

You compete with who you look at in the mirror, and you based your actions and your drive on that
— Scott Oldford

He won a few awards early on in his career such as top 20 under 20 and was even named top 50 Emerging Leaders in Atlantic Canada.

Since then, he went through 3 massive business failures, survived being in 3/4 of a million dollars in debt, became the author of the book "Connections That Count" and built a seven-figure company in Infinitus

In the episode, Scott teaches us exactly how he was able to do all this as well as give a 6 step framework to discover your unfair advantage.

That’s what it is all about. Knowing your own super power and trying to solve a pain for the world.

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What you will learn

-  How Scott discovered his DNA as an entrepreneur
-  Why you should not want to be an entrepreneur
-  6 things to consider when discovering your unfair advantage
-  How to build genuine relationships with your network
- And much more! 

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