TICM 39 - Will Hatton - How To Be A Travel Blogger

Will Hatton has been travelling around the world for seven years now and first hit the road with just a couple of dollars in his pocket and backpack.

Now, after years of roughing it and working odd jobs to stay on the road, he founded his budget adventure website 'The Broke Backpacker’.

Within the first year, he was published by The BBC, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo Travel and numerous other publications

He has amassed over 100,000 followers through social media and used this to catapult himself into the limelight with editors, tourism boards and travel contacts.

Before you discover what you are truly good at, you need to try several things...so try them!
— Will Hatton

He is now sponsored by GoPro, Red Bull, Hostel World and some other prominent names in the travel industry.

The Daily Mail has described him as ‘The Most Adventurous Backpacker in the World’ and he is currently embarking on his most ambitious project to date;

A two year trip from the UK to Papua New Guinea, He wants to go through thirty countries, without the use of any flights.  

In this episode, he literally breaks it all down for us.

How did he start blogging? 

How did he start monetizing on writing? 

How does he get these sponsors and businesses to support his cause and trips? 

And of course, Will shared some near death experiences and cool traveling stories to cap it off. 

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What you will learn

- How Will started traveling the world at 18 years old
- How Will lived off of $100/week
- How did he start blogging? 
- How can you start becoming a travel blogger? 
- How did he build up such a large following? 
- And much more! 


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