TICM 187 | Jared Tendler | The Mental Game Of Success

TICM 187 | Jared Tendler | The Mental Game Of Success

Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC, is a leading expert in how your mental game impacts performance. His roster of clients spans 45 countries and includes financial traders, eSports athletes, some of the top poker players in the world, a top-ranked pool player in the world, and professional golfers. The author of two highly acclaimed books, The Mental Game of Poker, and The Mental Game of Poker 2, Jared currently serves as the mental game coach to the eSport organization Team Liquid, and is also the host of the popular podcast, The Mental Game.

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TICM 156 | Melissa Ramos | How To Feel Sexy From The Inside Out

TICM 156 | Melissa Ramos | How To Feel Sexy From The Inside Out

Our guest today is the founder of Sexy Food Therapy. Melissa Ramos is a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine.

Melissa shares her knowledge and expertise in helping women balance their hormones.

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TICM 39 - Will Hatton - How To Be A Travel Blogger

TICM 39 - Will Hatton - How To Be A Travel Blogger

This week, we have Will Hatton from www.thebrokebackpacker.com

He has been travelling around the world for seven years now and first hit the road with just a couple of dollars in his pocket and backpack.

Now, after years of roughing it and working odd jobs to stay on the road, he founded his budget adventure website 'The Broke Backpacker’.

Within the first year, he was published by The BBC, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Forbes, Yahoo Travel and numerous other publications

He has amassed social media following of over 100,000 followers and used this to catapult himself into the limelight with editors, tourism boards and travel contacts.

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TICM 23 - Penelope Trunk - Unconventional and Uncomprimising


Penelope Trunk is a famous blogger and serial entrepreneur. Inc Magazine named her "the world's most influential guidance counselor."

In our interview, Penelope did not hold back. She challenged my views on entrepreneurship and how that can potentially help design one's lifestyle.

She takes into account what having a family would mean for said entrepreneur and dishes out some unconventional advice. 

Respectful disagreement and intelligent debate can open your eyes to new insights, or strengthen opinions you already held.

I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to chat with her, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of the topics we discussed

You can read all 12 unconventional pieces of advice here

Everybody has just really basic wants for their world. They want to love and be loved and have a family and have security and have an interesting job.
— Penelope Trunk

Listen to this healthy debate : 

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In this interview, you will learn - 

- Why most people will not be remarkable
- How to have it all (not what you think at all)
- Advice for entrepreneurs considering to have families
- What is Myers Briggs
- And much much more! 

12 unconventional pieces of advice from this interview


Links and People Mentioned

- Albert Einstein
- Martha Stewart
- Bill Gates
- Steve Jobs
- Jayson Gaignard (MMT)
- Tim Ferriss
Ramit Sethi
- Penelope's Blog
- Want to do the Myer Briggs for yourself? 

TICM 19 - Mark Guay On How To Live With Purpose

In this episode, we have Mark Guay with us. 

Mark is a teacher, entrepreneur and story teller at Your Life On Purpose and The Traveling Cup, he has interviewed 100's of changemakers including Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Chris Guillebeau and many other prominent names in the entrepreneurship world.

Through these purposeful chats, he has uncovered frameworks on how young entrepreneurs and millennial's and can align themselves and truly live out their purpose.

We cover everything from living purposefully, to vulnerability, to the flaw of the school systems and much much more in this action packed episode. 

Connect with Mark -  Your Life on Purpose I Twitter  

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Mark's Motivation behind it all - (04:18)
Meeting Arianna Huffington (08:04) 
The 1st Thing you need to do to live with purpose (09:29) 
Activating the Hero within ( 13:19 )
Habits to help you get there ( 14:37)
What school does not teach you (21 : 37) 
Your Life on purpose inspiration (26: 11)
How To create a new vision (30:55)
Seth Godin disagrees with the "you are the average of top 5 people around you" (32:24)
Lessons learned talking to Scott Harrison from Charity Waters (36:39)
How To deliver REAL value to others (39:00)
Mark's definition of a changemaker (44:35)

Important People, Books, and Links Mentioned

Seth Godin
Chris Guillebeau
Arianna Huffington
Steve Jobs
Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell
Ayahuasca - Michael Sanders
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
Pema Chodron
Tai Lopez - TED talk
Reinventing The Non-Profit with Scott Harrison from Charity Waters
Your Life on Purpose (free purpose guide!)



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TICM 13 - Andy Drish On Discovering One's Genius

TICM 13 - Andy Drish On Discovering One's Genius

This is one of the most educational conversations that we have recorded to date! 

Listen to Andy Drish here

In this episode, Andy Drish from the Foundation speaks on lifestyle design, Facebook detoxes, and the three step framework he uses with his clients to help them discover their genius.

I love this episode because we touch on everything entrepreneurism and it all ties in to self-awareness and purpose. 

If you have an inkling to discover your genius, listen to the episode here. 

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Love the episode? Let Andy know! 

Andy Drish -  Blog I Website I Twitter


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