TICM 13 - Andy Drish On Discovering One's Genius

This is one of the most educational conversations that we have recorded to date! 

Listen to Andy Drish here

In this episode, Andy Drish from the Foundation speaks on lifestyle design, Facebook detoxes, and the three step framework he uses with his clients to help them discover their genius.

I love this episode because we touch on everything entrepreneurism and it all ties in to self-awareness and purpose. 

If you have an inkling to discover your genius, listen to the episode here. 

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..designing life on my terms, creating the life that I want to live, living in alignment with who I am naturally meant to be and what I am naturally meant to give to the world. That’s the purpose of all of it.


Andy's Facebook detox - 03:00 
Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle design - 05:51 
Andy's Dad lesson - 07:27
Andy's Entrepreneurial Journey - 10:46
The purpose of discovering your genius - 13:33 
3 Step process for discovering your genius (GOLD!) - 16:25 
Why this is not covered in the Foundation - 25:31 
What first time entrepreneurs need to learn - 26:45
Just In Time Manufacturing concept - 28:13
Foundation is offering a NEW course...and its free! - 30:44
Andy's definition of a changemaker - 31:52 

Important Links and Books Mentioned 

Dan Sullivan 
Strategic Coach
Dane Maxwell
Stephen Covey's Four Quadrants
Cloud Atlas
Discovering your own genius kit