TICM 11 | Vitaly Pecherskiy | The Truth On Early Stage Start-Ups

In this episode, we have a fireside chat with Vitaly Pecherskiy. 

Vitaly is the COO of Stack Adapt, which is the leading native advertising platform that him and his co-founder created. Vitaly has been featured on Adexchanger, Globe and Mail, and was even named Top 30 under 30.

Our intention was to capture raw inspiration and to have a creative talk on entrepreneurism. 

In the episode, we cover the truth of early stage entrepreneurs, to how you should create yourself and not try to copy others and much much more. 


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • The truth of what it's like being a founder of an early-stage start-up
  • How to raise millions for your first venture
  • The mindset you need to succeed in the fast-pace high-tech world 
  • How to pivot from product to product 
  • and so much more!! 

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Important Links

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