TICM 45 - "The Great Anomaly" On How To Maximize Freedom

Now for this week’s interview, we have Nick and Gen. They are the first couple on the show, and they have a podcast called The Great Anomaly.

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They travel the world as a couple or as they refer to themselves “ couple-preneurS” and they help other couples, freelancer and entrepreneurs realize the same location independent dream via their awesome looking program "The Freedom Visa"


For a lot of the listeners, there is always this romantic notion of quitting your life and traveling the world.

Trust me, I have been there, and let me tell you. It is amazing when it happens, but if you have no plan like I did, you will run out of money fast and it will not be a pretty scene.


Nick and Gen are entrepreneurs to start. They made a living through affiliate marketing and thus began their journey on the road to entrepreneurship. 

However, they were extremely overworked and their business did not align with their goals and purpose as a couple.


In our conversation, they walked us through their exact journey to how they were able to do what they do; live anywhere in the world and have a business to support both of them. 


I have said it many times on the show, these episodes about traveling is not meant to romanticize traveling, but this show is about lifestyle design and being a changemaker, creating a change for others and embracing the changes in our lives.


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This is a candid conversation on the reality of this lifestyle and how if you are a couple or single, you can apply their techniques to start creating the freedom that you want to see in your life.



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What you will learn 

- The motivation behind the name "The Great Anomaly"
- The reality of "how" they travel
- The conversations that a couple needs to engage in before they travel together
- How other couples can travel the world
- Invaluable saving strategies
- How one can face the fears of venturing into the unknown
- What is the "Freedom Visa"? 
- And much more! 


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