TICM 128 | Build Deeper Relationships With Influencers

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TICM 45 - "The Great Anomaly" On How To Maximize Freedom

TICM 45 - "The Great Anomaly" On How To Maximize Freedom

Now for this week’s interview, we have Nick and Gen, my first couple on the show, and they have a podcast called The Great Anomaly.

They travel the world as a couple or as they refer to themselves “ couple-preneurS” and they help other couples, freelancer and entrepreneurs realize the same location independent dream.

For a lot of the listeners, there is always this romantic notion of quitting your life and traveling the world.

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TICM 29 - Jayson Gaignard - How To Become An Influencer

TICM 29 - Jayson Gaignard  - How To Become An Influencer

This week, we have the legendary Jayson Gaignard on the show.

Jayson is the creator of Mastermindtalks, one of the most exclusive entrepreneurial events in the space, with speakers and guests such as Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferriss, Cameron Herold, James Altucher and many more prominent names actively impacting our world.

He is also an accomplished author, and the host of a highly rated podcast as well. In the episode, He walks us through his story about not giving up and betting everything on relationships.

Jayson shares with us his story of going from making 22 times the national average income to over a quarter million dollars in cash debt.

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