212 | When It Takes Longer Than You Want

212 | When It Takes Longer Than You Want

Have you ever wanted something to happen so bad that it would hurt you thinking about it because it was a reminder that it wasn't quite there yet? 

Have you ever struggled with having "patience" while working towards your dream? 

I am on the back streets of Turin, Italy and walking around reflecting on the last year of my life. 

From making six-figures (and still being broke) to making our first hires, to firing everyone, to changing my mindset when it came to developing the timeline for our goals...

This is a rant that will remind you of why you started on this journey of transformation to begin with... 

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210 | No Pressure, No Diamonds

210 | No Pressure, No Diamonds

Dedicated to the person who is choosing to defy odds even in the face of tragedy and heartbreak. 

Dedicated to the person who is having a bad week, a bad month, or even a bad year. 

This one is for you. 

It's what the BEST high performing changemakers know how to do. 

3 simple steps in reversing a negative situation. 

Use these tools wisely. 

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TICM 172 | Stop Using Your Parents As An Excuse

TICM 172 | Stop Using Your Parents As An Excuse

One of most common questions I get asked hen I speak around the world is "how did you explain to your parents what you are currently?" "How did you get them on board?" 

The answer - I never got them "on board" 

One has to understand the difference between loving one's parents and listening to every single request they have. 

Here is the answer on HOW you can stop using your parent's love and limitations as an excuse for you pursuing your dreams. 

Warning: might offend you. Hope it triggers something within you :) 

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TICM 161 | Jon Nastor | The #1 Hack To Entrepreneurship



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