TICM 84 | Roman Price | How To Grow Your Tribe To Over 1.5M Members Worldwide

This week, we are featuring Roman Price from Lifepulp.com  

IF you are not familiar with Roman's work, that’s ok, it’s pretty much by design.

However, I promise you, you are definitely going to want to get to know him even more after this episode.

Lifepulp.com is a motivation / inspiration collective that has garnered over 1.5 million members from all around the world. They have at least one member from each country and their posts collectively have been viewed of over 100 million times. 

Part 1 

Part 2 

What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • The motivation for Roman creating Lifepulp.com and why he wanted it to be FREE to the world
  • How we grew his collective to over 1.5 million members worldwide
  • Roman's philosophy on NOT chasing goals and having goals come to you 
  • How to fall in LOVE with the hustle
  • Roman's social experiments and lessons you can apply in your life
  • and much more!! 

Listen on iTunes I Listen on Stitcher Radio I Stream it from Soundcloud (Part 1) (Part 2)Download as MP3s (right click “save as”) (Part 1) (Part 2) 

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