TICM 116 | Tim JP Collins | The Art Of Overcoming Anxiety

Have you ever suffered from a really bad anxiety attack? How about a panic attack? 

IF you are anything like myself, when you start feeling anxious, all the negative emotions tend to come up as well. 

From fear to anger, to limiting beliefs. It's a cycle that doesn't end. 

This week, we have Tim JP Collins from The Anxiety Podcast on the show breaking down HOW we can not only overcome anxiety but to discover how to thrive with anxiety. 

You will discover what Tim did to overcome his anxiety attacks and how you can replicate the same results in channeling anxious energy. 


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • How to overcome anxiety by not fighting it and learning how to embrace anxiety
  • The motivation behind The Anxiety Podcast and how it all started
  • What to do if you are feeling anxious reading or listening to this
  • Discover how to let go of these emotions and be free of anxiety
  • and so much more!! 

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