TICM 171 | The 1 Thing You Need For A Killer 2018

TICM 171 | The 1 Thing You Need For A Killer 2018

In this episode, Jay discussed his BIGGEST failures and some of the lessons you need to be considering as you make your goals and cast your vision for 2018 and beyond.

There is 1 state that we all must tap into to be successful. Listen to the episode to discover what it is. 

Jay's biggest failures of 2017 

- not playing at a big enough level 

- not committing to his gifts 

- no community :( 

Let's fix the last one...

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TICM 116 | Tim JP Collins | The Art Of Overcoming Anxiety

TICM 116 | Tim JP Collins | The Art Of Overcoming Anxiety

Have you ever suffered from a really bad anxiety attack? How about a panic attack? 

IF you are anything like myself, when you start feeling anxious, all the negative emotions tend to come up as well. 

From fear to anger, to limiting beliefs. It's a cycle that doesn't end. 

This week, we have Tim JP Collins from The Anxiety Podcast on the show breaking down HOW we can not only overcome anxiety but to discover how to thrive with anxiety. 

You will discover what Tim did to overcome his anxiety attacks and how you can replicate the same results in channeling anxious energy. 

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TICM 115 | Steven Farquharson | How to turn your pain into your GIFT

TICM 115 | Steven Farquharson | How to turn your pain into your GIFT

Steven Farquharson coaches creatives and entrepreneurs into becoming their fully expressed selves.

He is a conscious rapper, a comedy writer as a showman. 

Last year, he presented at Philip Mckernan's event called "One Last Talk" 

The premise of the event is simple. Imagine if you only had one chance to give one last talk, what would you talk about? 

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TICM 107 | UJ Ramdas | How To Be Grateful For What You Have

TICM 107 | UJ Ramdas | How To Be Grateful For What You Have

UJ Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal, Productivity Planner and co-founder at Intelligent Change. He cares deeply about behavior, business, and learning. He's also a fan of meditation, nature, and coffee.

He is one of the only experts on the topic of gratitude and in this interview we deep dive into the powerful implications and applications of using gratitude in everyday life. 

We will also get an insider look at how Intelligent Change does it's marketing for notebooks and planners. 

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TICM 51 | Alex Ikonn | How To Develope Creator's Mindset

TICM 51 | Alex Ikonn | How To Develope  Creator's Mindset

Today, we are featuring Alex Ikonn on the show. Perhaps you are not familiar with his name, but I promise you are familiar with one of his companies.


He co-founded Luxy Hair, 5-Min Journal (which Tim Ferriss uses) and most recently, the Productivity Planner.


His wife; Mimi and him ran a YouTube channel where they have amassed over 300 million views and millions of subscribers and followers on all social media channels.

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TICM 27 - Lee Brower - The 4 Levels of Gratitude

Lee Brower has been being featured in the blockbuster movie and book, the Secret. (See below for bonus clip) and is considered a leading expert on the topic of gratitude.

He is also the founder and creator of Empowered Wealth and a thought leader on helping families create immediate and enduring legacies that flourish generation after generation.  

In this episode, Lee walks us through his view-points on gratitude and shares some stories along the way.

He specifically gives us a frameworks to apply in our lives right away and discusses the different between positive thinking and gratitude.

This is one of the most educational chats we have had on the show, so definitely check it out! 

Listen to this lesson :

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Positive attitude is about making ourselves feel good and then consequently we are in a good space and we do a track, being in gratitude is about doing things for others so that others feel good without us expecting anything in return.
— Lee Brower


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BONUS CLIP: Lee on Gratitude Rocks 


In this episode, you will learn 

-  The 4 stages of gratitude
-  How to leverage the power of the subconscious mind
-  How to use the Secret
-  How to use positive thinking in one's life
-  Never before mentioned books and resources
-  Much, much more! 

Important Resources Mentioned

Outwitting the Devil by Napolean Hill
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
- The Secret
-  Leadership and Self-deception by Arbinger Institute
-  The Majesty of Calmness (FREE on Amazon)
-  The Broward Quadrant
-  The Power of Truth
- Connect with Lee | Website | Meaningful Mondays