TICM 51 | Alex Ikonn | How To Develope Creator's Mindset

Today, we are featuring Alex Ikonn on the show. Perhaps you are not familiar with his name, but I promise you are familiar with one of his companies.

He co-founded Luxy Hair, 5-Min Journal (which Tim Ferriss uses) and most recently, the Productivity Planner.

His wife; Mimi and him run a YouTube channel where they have amassed over 300 million views and millions of subscribers and followers on all social media channels.

Once you understand that, you are also a creator and you have that ability to create and shape the world then that’s how you get these ideas to build products that you wanna see exist
— Alex Ikonn

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Honestly, I wasn’t going to release this until later on in the year, but this episode is so perfect for the New Year, I had to release it now.

In the last episode, we talked with Brandi Leifso (CEO of Evelyn Iona Cosmetics) and it was super tactical. Probably one of the most tactical episode I have ever done about what it really takes to start a business and how funding is essentially useless.

Be sure to listen to that if you missed it.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

This episode is super high-level thinking. It’s all about gratefulness, discovering one's purpose and self-actualization.

It’s also about viewing yourself as a creator. And what can happen to your life once you take responsibility for your art and creations. 

As you will be able to tell from the conversation, Alex LOVES his life and he loves these topics.

Of course, I get him to tell us the story of HOW in the world he got to where he is now, 7-figure business, world traveler, YouTube star etc… But the underlying theme is a powerful one and one that I have been coming to grips with myself.

It’s not about viewing yourself as an entrepreneur or whatever label you have in mind. It’s about being a creator.

And we are going to show you how in this episode.



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Important Links To Resources

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