TICM 25 - Berni Xiong - How To Learn from Failure

This week, we have the "Shin Kicking Life Spark" Berni Xiong

Berni is an intuitive coach, speaker, and Reiki Master Teacher. She is the author of The Year of the Brave Bear: Speak Up. Stand Out. Change Your World., and contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive.

In this episode, Bernie walks us through how she went from corporate sales job, chasing someone else’s dream, to quitting and following her roaring misfit heart. 

She started coaching from her living room with $200 start-up capital, no entrepreneurial background and a lot of ambition.

Though her seven year journey, she has gone through some serious trial and tribulations and once I heard her story and her attitude on her personal failures, I had to have her on the show. 

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We are all humans....failure and mistakes is what makes us compelling
— Berni Xiong


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In this episode you will learn 

-  The motivation behind the "Shin Kicking Life Spark" 
-  How Berni quit her corporate sales role
-  How to take action in absence of clarity
-  The truth of jumping into entrepreneurship
-  How to fail and what we can learn from it
-  How one can find their "x-factor" 
-  Much, much more! 

Important Resources Mentioned

- James Altucher
- Jack Canfield
- Peter Shankman (HARO)
- AJ Leon Manifesto
- The Alchemist
- The Four Agreements
- Eat, Pray, Love
- Jhai Coffee House in Laos
- Connect with Berni : Website | Twitter | Newsletter aka Weekly Shin Kickings



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