TICM 137 | Pejman Ghadimi | How To Engineer An Empire

Pejman Ghadimi is the best selling author of Third Circle Theory, a powerful book which explains how some of today's top visionaries are made.

Pejman was born in 1982 in the middle of a revolution in Iran, raised in France for the majority of his childhood, and eventually migrating to the United States in 1997. Raised by a single mother his entire life with very limited resources. 

We are here to dive into his story of how he went from being a telemarketer, to being a VP in a bank, to being financially independent Since the age of 25

Pejman has been and has dedicated his time to bringing Secret Entourage & Secret Academy to life, a unique platform which focuses on helping motivate, educate, and improve the lives of young entrepreneurs worldwide.

And here to talk to us about his new book -R.A.D.I.U.S.: How Visionaries Engineer Empires.  



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What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • How Pejman got started washing cars and built it up to over a seven-figure business
  • The difference between his 1st book: Third Circle Theory and his new book R.A.D.I.U.S
  • The 5 different stages a business must go through and a way for you to figure out where you are
  • How Pejman is living the immigrant dream in North America
  • so much more! 

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