221 | Are You Willing To Let It Suck For 12 Months

221 | Are You Willing To Let It Suck For 12 Months

This is the question...

For anyone that is starting ANY new endeavor or NEW projects. 

Even if you have been going at it for quite some time! 

Remember: you didn't come this far to only come this far. 

You can this far to go the distance :)  

Love to hear your feedback here: 

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215 | How To Make Money Through Your Content (Secret recording of internal call)

215 | How To Make Money Through Your Content (Secret recording of internal call)

Have you ever wondered to yourself - how do these "influencers and experts make money creating content?" 

Being a part of the transformation industry (whether it's weight loss, nutrition, personal development, finances etc...) your job as a coach is not only to give your audience the tactics. 

It's to inspire belief and ultimately, action towards their goals. 

It's the ONLY way they will take your content and actually apply it in their lives. 

In today's episode, I bring you behind the scenes of one of our internal coaching calls and show you not only what we discussed, but how you can make A LOT of money from the content you create.

It comes down to having the right frame of mind and positioning yourself correctly as the authority. 

This is the first time I have done anything like this...so let me know what your thoughts on here: 


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TICM 203 | 4 Shocking Lessons I Discovered After $20,000+ Investment In Events

TICM 203 | 4 Shocking Lessons I Discovered After $20,000+ Investment In Events

Depending on where you are at in business, going to events constantly and different masterminds can either hinder your success or give you the insights necessary to take things to the next level 

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending 5+ LIVE events which totaled as a $20,000+ investment in my business as well as myself. 

These are the 4 core lessons I discovered from attending the events live...

This way, you don't have to attend them LIVE and you can leverage my thoughts and experiences in building up your movement and legacy!  

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TICM 180 | Advice From A Billionaire

TICM 180 | Advice From A Billionaire

About 2 months ago...

I had the chance of interviewing another billionaire on my top-rated podcast

This was exciting!!

Beyond my own expectations of what would happen when I launched a couple of years ago...

My guest was no other than Naveen Jain

And I will be releasing our episode in the coming days #eekk

We had a game-changing conversation RIGHT BEFORE the actual interview...

Wanted to share with everyone in case it helps you too in building the business and legacy you are striving for ❤️

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TICM 174 | The Truth Behind This Podcast - The Inner Changemaker

TICM 174 | The Truth Behind This Podcast - The Inner Changemaker

"First youtube video. Took me 50 takes

First landing page. Gave up

First speaking gig. Practiced a couple days and gave it for free in a room of 5 people.

I needed a website - never built one before. 

I need a product, um does an ebook count?

6 months down the line, I was about 10,000 dollars in debt, (from a line of credit) and literally have made no money."

This is one of the most honest episodes I have ever created. It's meant to pull back the curtain on what's transpire the LAST 2 years and where this podcast is going. 

Listen up changemakers! The movement is FINALLY beginning! 

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TICM 167 | Embrace Your Obstacles For Success

Ever felt overwhelmed and that you weren't doing enough? (hand raised 🙋🏻‍♂️)

This month has been a roller coaster for me in BOTH my businesses. Highest of highs 🔥🔥 and some days certainly feels like low of lows 🤦🏻‍♂️☹️

Then, I read about Uber and their last 90 days:

- losses roughly 1.5 billion in the last quarter
- dealing with their "hacker" situation
- having to answer to data protection agencies + US senators
- dealing with sexual harassment charges
- shareholder lawsuit
- a lot of people NOT happy with them (which is totally fair - drivers, employees, general public etc...)
- and I am sure...much more...

Regardless of how you feel about Uber, it seemed to me a little while ago, they were going to be THE revolution for the car-sharing industry.

Whether you are a brand new creator or a seasoned entrepreneur, there are ALWAYS going to be problems. And a lot of bigger new ones waiting to appear.

The key 🔑is not how do we do it all without problems.

It's HOW we embrace the obstacles that will make the difference.

It will either hinder us OR propel us to the next level.

New episode. A bit personal. Enjoy! (in the first comment)



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