[VIDEO] Podcast Movement Speech | How To Develop The Creator's Mindset

Earlier this July, I had the chance to speak at Podcast Movement, the largest podcasting conference in North America. 

This is the intro to my talk as well as the talk. Enjoy! 


“The call to create” is the epic journey that Jay Wong, international speaker, podcaster and branding coach went on to not only find his own calling, but to spark a movement for the next generation of changemakers and creators.


In this short but yet personal talk, Jay will share with you his beliefs as a creator. He will also share with you tactically how you can develop your creator’s mindset and how to shift your life through creating.


The call to create is natural. We all hear it and we all answer it differently.


The ones daring to accept the call to create, are giving themselves an opportunity to create the life they want as well begin their life’s work.

Agree? Disagree? Ready to go CREATE?!

Let me know what you think in the comments below. I read every single one :) 


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