TICM 88 | Alex Barker | Mastermind Groups, 66 Day Experiments And Selling Drugs (legally!)

Meet Alex Barker

He built 3 businesses in 3 years

He paid off his house in less 3 years

He coached over 60 people to build successful businesses

He also happens to be the host of The 66-Day Experiment where he runs 66-day experiments and documents the results. 

He read a book a day in Season 1 of the 66 Day Experiment Podcast

He faced 66 daily days rejection in Season 2. He created a business in 66 days in Season 3! 

He helped a “want-repreneur” couple launch a business in 66 days in Season 4

Honestly, when I first met Alex, he told me he was selling drugs legally (as a pharmacist of course) and then he told me how he paid off his house from his online business and I was hooked! 

What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • How it really feels when one pays off their house from their online businesses
  • Why Alex believes mastermind groups is where the biggest breakthroughs can come from 
  • The REAL truth about entrepreneurship and online business owners the first two years 
  • The lessons Alex discovered by getting rejected 66 days in a row
  • Why you want people to say "hell YES!" OR "hell NO!" 
  • The legacy Alex wants to leave behind and WHY 
  • and so much more!! 

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