TICM 87 | How To Create Mini Movements With Dr. Rhea Mehta; Creator of Global Smoothie Day

Rhea Mehta, PhD is a doctor of toxicology and nutritional sciences, an optimal living coach and self-care activist based in Toronto. In 2013 Dr. Rhea founded Living Rhea, a health optimization consultancy and movement with a mission to empower changemakers to unlock their healthiest potential.

A contributor to the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, Dr.Rhea speaks internationally on topics such as healthy routine building, nutrition hacks to boost productivity and performance, and her personal story of conquering chronic disease and stepping into health leadership.

She's also the founder of Global Smoothie Day (Oct 3), a movement to inspire health ownership and advocacy, and the co-founder of Camp Reset, an adult summer camp and digital detox.


What You Will Discover From This Episode

  • The entire backstory of how Rhea got started with her movement
  • How she used "play" to start the Camp Reset movement
  • The 2-3 crucial pieces you need if you are starting a movement
  • How to get involved in Global Smoothie Day (Oct 3rd!) 
  • and much more!! 

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