TICM 205 | When No One Is Watching (Includes A Secret Recording)

TICM 205 | When No One Is Watching (Includes A Secret Recording)

Have you ever felt that all of your content marketing efforts were useless? Have you ever felt like no one is listening or watching”?

When I started out, I would feel like this all of the time.

However, recently, I got a bunch of secret audio messages from a few NEW students. 

They had just registered for our Podcast Your Brand Accelerator and was thrilled to get started. 

In one of their messages, they talked about how they would rarely listen to my podcast on the daily. 

In fact, it was the direct opposite, but something shocking happened at the end of the message. 

Through this, I found the importance of posting content even when you believe no one is watching. 

It's not only showing yourself the dedication you have to your message, but you might be surprised at who is actually listening. 

Podcasting is SUCH a powerful tool to help spread your message.

Download the Podcast Creation Roadmap to get started: http://bit.ly/2GJpor4

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TICM 184 | Evan Carmichael | Top 10 Rules For Success

TICM 184 | Evan Carmichael | Top 10 Rules For Success

Evan Carmichael is one of Forbes’ Top 40 Social-Marketing Masters. He’s ‘YouTube Famous’, with more than 1 Million+ subscribers.

Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers. More importantly, Evan believes in people, even more than they believe in themselves!

He is my mentor and friend and in this episode, we talked about his 2nd book, The Top 10 Rules For Success!

Evan's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ModelingTheMasters

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TICM 140 | Bob Proctor | Stepping Into Your Identity | Changemaker Bites

Watch the entire Bob Proctor interview: https://www.theinnerchangemaker.com/bob
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Bob Proctor shows you how to go from making $100,000/year to $100,000/month 

Good luck implementing changemakers! 





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TICM 86 | Tim Han - Success Insider | How To Create Viral YouTube Videos And 10x Your Subscribers

TICM 86 | Tim Han - Success Insider | How To Create Viral YouTube Videos And 10x Your Subscribers

Tim Han is the founder of the recently gone viral Youtube channel Success Insider with over 56K+ following (and counting!)  

On this channel he shares his wisdom he’s gained from the last 8 years he’s dedicated to hacking performance as well as inviting highly renown guests such as Jairek Robbins, Caleb Maddix, Peter Sage, Philip Mckernan and many many more to share their insights on life and business. 

He is a certified NLP master practitioner specialising in Peak performance coaching. He has assisted hundreds of business leaders and high achievers all around the world reaching their full potential and making big things happen FASTER than they’ve ever imagined.

He believes that his core purpose is to help high achieversto unleash their greatness and accelerate their path to achieving their goals and dreams. 

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